So, the hard part is over; you’ve written your book (or at least the majority of it). But wait, was that the hard part? It certainly took dedication, but at least it was in your comfort zone. 

On the horizon, a new challenge awaits you: marketing and promoting your book. 

Perhaps you are a go-getter, a renaissance woman or man who has already done your research on publishing and marketing your book. However, in our experience, most authors tend to take it one step at a time, so they haven’t allocated much thought as to how they’ll go about publishing and marketing their book because they are dealing with the very real challenge of actually writing a book

Before we go any further, we at Rocky Heights Print & Binding would like you to pause for a moment, reflect on your accomplishment (even if the book isn’t quite done yet), and pat yourself on the back. You’ve created something, which is an amazing feat. You’ve taken a risk by putting something original out into the world; something that can be judged to have value or be lacking quality. That is bravery! And that deserves to be celebrated no matter the outcome. 

That being said, you might have something beautiful to share with the world, but if you don’t go about marketing your book in the right way, thousands could miss out on what you have for them. That’s precisely why this matters, and it’s precisely why we are dedicating today’s Rocky Heights blog to helping the authors among our readership with a few tips to effectively market and promote your book as best you can. 

Before we dive into the aforementioned tip-providing, we’d like to briefly highlight how we can help you self-publish  your own book here at Rocky Heights Print & Binding!

Rocky Heights Self-Publishing

Essentially, self-publishing is when an author prints and markets a book. The author funds the formatting, design, and printing of the book, giving himself/herself complete control over the entire publishing process. Rocky Heights Print & Binding is a one-stop-self-publishing-shop, meaning we can assist you in any and all areas of self-publishing your book. Here are a few reasons authors use us at their self-publishing company of choice:

  • Authors retain all rights
  • Low book quantity minimum
  • Customized Authors’ packages
  • Physical proof copy before production
  • No data-storage fee – we’ll keep your book on file as long as you’d like
  • On-site Printing Facility (for total quality control)

Two Fundamental Tips For Marketing Your Book

Now that we’ve established how Rocky Heights Print & Binding can help you publish your book without charging you an arm and a leg, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of today’s post. Let us commence with the providing of the tips!

Create A Brand & Website

Before you start marketing your book, creating a brand and (subsequently) a website is a fundamental step in the process. Perhaps you’ve already taken care of this, and if so it’s time for another pat on the back. For the rest of our readers, keep in mind that potential readers of your book will want to get to know who it is that they are reading. In essence, you need to form a bond between you and your readers. The best way to do that is to make yourself known online. 

When setting up your own website, keep in mind it doesn’t have to be flashy. Folks who visit your site will already be interested in you, so you shouldn’t feel the need to dress anything up unnecessarily. 

Start with the basics — your biography, a photo or two, and ways to contact you, buy your book, and anything else that fits the brand of you. In our experience, keeping it clean and authentic is the ticket! 

Determine Your Target Market

Before you spend hundreds or thousands on print marketing materials and other promotional strategies, it’s vital to stop and think about who your book appeals to. Perception vs. reality is very important here, because most authors think that pretty much everyone can find value in their book. While that might be true, it’s also fair to say that there are a lot of books out there, and therefore you need to be conscientious about who exactly this book would appeal to the most. Once you’ve decided on that, think about what makes people from your target market tick. What age are they? What are their interests? How would they prefer to be marketed to? What communities are they affiliated with? What are their purchasing habits?

Finding answers to questions like these will put you well on your way. 

Reach out to Rocky Heights Print & Binding for additional help in marketing your book! We’d love to help you.