1. Tips For Marketing & Promoting Your Book

    So, the hard part is over; you’ve written your book (or at least the majority of it). But wait, was that the hard part? It certainly took dedication, but at least it was in your comfort zone.  On the horizon, a new challenge awaits you: marketing and promoting your book.  Perhaps you are a go-ge…Read More

  2. Why Should You Self-Publish with Rocky Heights Print & Binding?

    You Wrote It, You Own It. You’ve spent long nights and drank gallons of coffee putting your heart and soul into your book. That book is yours, it was written with your blood, sweat, and tears, and Rocky Heights Print & Binding has no intention of taking that away from you. You retain full owne…Read More

  3. Welcome To Rocky Heights Print & Binding

    Since 2006, Rocky Heights Print & Binding has been providing custom printing services, self-publishing services, and promotional printing offerings. We are excited that we get the opportunity to highlight what sets us apart at Rocky Heights Print & Binding in today’s blog. We are more than…Read More