You Wrote It, You Own It.

You’ve spent long nights and drank gallons of coffee putting your heart and soul into your book. That book is yours, it was written with your blood, sweat, and tears, and Rocky Heights Print & Binding has no intention of taking that away from you. You retain full ownership of the content that you have created — it’s our job to make it a reality so that it can get into the hands of readers.

Consider that giant Amazon. Should you choose to self-publish through their process or a similar service, you’ll find that your ownership is compromised. In most cases, you are required to consent to 100% exclusivity to their platform, and all of the trappings that come with it. Would you like your book available on more than one digital outlet? Sorry, no can do. Once they get their hands on your work, you’re at their mercy.

You Wrote It, We Can Show It.

You have complete freedom to do with your book whatever you’d like once it’s printed, but if you’d like a helping hand with exposure, we can help. We offer marketing services to help spread the word of your creation. We can help with custom cover design, basic or advanced copy editing, and we can even create a book publication press release!

Consider again that digital behemoth. Your book will not be publicized outside of their singular platform. We want the control over the publicity of your work in your hands. After all, you wrote it, so you should be free to share it in whatever way you feel necessary. 

You Wrote It That Way, We’ll Print It That Way.

Something that is missing from the digitally printed word is the feel of the physically printed work. Format and composition in a written piece can be just as important as the composition of a photograph or a scene in a film. Rocky Heights Print & Binding wants to give you the freedom to be creative with how your work is presented, because in some cases, it’s not what you write, it’s how you wrote it that creates a lasting impression. Creative control comes from offering total creative freedom to get your ideas and stories across to your readers effectively. 

You’re free to experiment with the size of your book — from landscape to portrait, journal, or even letter-sized formats. We offer both hard-cover and soft-cover options. Our printing facility is on-site, so the quality is totally controlled in-house. There is also the option to print as few or as many copies of your book that you need — from 50 to 5,000! If you need more copies down the road, we’ll keep your work digitally stored on file for as long as you’d like us to.

Contemplate a final time that electronic A-Z store. There are compositional components that Amazon simply will not allow, and failure to adhere to certain guidelines could mean reformatting your work into something you do not want or the removal of your work from the platform altogether. 

Rocky Heights Print & Binding is committed to making your vision a reality, and making sure that you retain all ownership of your hard work. Contact us today and let’s get started on your project.