If you are wondering how to self-publish a book, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Self-Publishing?

Self-Publishing is the process of printing and marketing a book where the author acts as the publisher. He/She gathers the funds to format, design and print the book. After printing, the marketing and fulfillment is also handled by the author — giving you complete control over the entire publishing process.

Why Use Rocky Heights Print And Binding?

Rocky Heights Print & Binding is your self-publishing partner, and we’re here to help you along your self-publishing journey! WE ARE A ONE-STOP SHOP that can assist you in all areas of self-publishing, from design and printing to marketing.

Why Do Authors Use Rocky Heights As Their Self-Publishing Company Of Choice?

  • Authors retain all rights
  • Low book minimum
  • Customized Authors’ packages
  • Physical proof copy before production

Do You Need More Than Just Book Production? Add Our Marketing Services To Maximize Your Impact! 

  • Full-color printing available
  • Custom sizes available
  • Custom Cover design
  • Advanced Cover design
  • Basic copy editing
  • Advanced copy editing
  • Book Publication Press Release

Advantages Of Using Rocky Heights For Publishing A Book

  • Authors retain all the rights to their books
  • Print soft cover and/or hard cover books
  • Low quantity book order minimums
  • Soft Bound Book minimum (50) / Hard Bound Book minimum (25)
  • Print landscape or portrait and journal or letter-sized books
  • Full design and editing services, if needed
  • Landscape, Portrait and Custom Sizes
  • On-site Printing Facility (for total quality control)
  • No data-storage fee – we’ll keep your book on file as long as you’d like
  • ISBN number assignment available
  • Industry-leading production times
  • Print your 50 book order and your 5,000 book order here!